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Criminal laws refer to a vast range of legal claims. Many criminal law matters deal, in some manner, with laws which affect individuals in Santa Barbara County. These laws regulate topics like criminal defense, criminal charges, criminal appeals, and the legal issues which accompany these matters.

Matters involving criminal law disputes are usually emotionally challenging and may be very difficult. Lawyers can provide assistance to their client during what is often a challenging time. Criminal law cases may often involve many different categories of criminal law. For example, a criminal case can involve several criminal law issues, including multiple charges, Miranda rights and pleading the fifth.

Often times, criminal lawyers will specialize in one area of criminal law, including white collar crimes. Although an attorney may specialize in a subcategory of criminal law, they are still able to handle other issues related to the case.

How Can I Locate The Right Criminal Law Attorneys in Santa Barbara County?

There are a few broad subcategories in criminal law. These categories are crimes against a person, white collar crimes, non-violent crime, and property crimes. In certain cases, issues which include multiple subcategories of criminal law are involved in one case.

There are numerous legal issues which can arise related to a criminal charge. Most individuals avoid behaviors which they know will result in a criminal charge. Criminal charge issues can include incarceration and plea deal negotiations.

A criminal charge is, in most cases, a complicated situation and often involves many subcategories of criminal law. Criminal lawyers are trained to ensure their clients' rights are protected during a criminal trial. Criminal attorneys can also assist the defendant if they are able to engage in a plea deal with prosecutors.

A criminal trial is often a long process that has a significant effect on multiple areas of an individual's life. There are typically six main parts to a criminal trial, including arraignment, preliminary hearing, pretrial conference, plea hearing, trial, and sentencing. Depending on the charge the individual is facing, the criminal trial may take years to resolve.

A crime can be classified as an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony. An infraction is the least serious type of crime and may include public violations and traffic violations. A misdemeanor is more serious and may include assault and battery and more serious traffic offenses. A felony is the most serious crime which often involves violent crimes and drug distribution crimes. Misdemeanors and felonies are often divided into subcategories, often classified A, B, and C or 1, 2, and 3, based on severity. These classifications differ by state.

In addition, there are different legal matters which may come up which involve criminal charges, including driver's license issues and the right to own firearms. If a defendant is found guilty of certain offenses, such as a violent crime, they may have their driver's license suspended or lose the right to own firearms.

Should I Contact Santa Barbara County Criminal Law Attorneys?

It is very important to have a criminal lawyer assist you with any criminal law issues you may face. Criminal law issues, especially DUI/DWI, can be extremely difficult to defend. An attorney will provide guidance and help you to ensure that your needs are met. At LegalMatch, you can share your legal issue with attorneys at no cost and choose which lawyer is best for your situation.

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